By providing end-to-end solutions, from software development and testing to application support and IT services, we help you focus on core businesses and leave the IT challenges to our engineering team.

Our people are trained to be frank, open and honest communicators who will provide feedback along the way to achieve the best outcome for your project.

We have an innovative way of working, removing unnecessary costs, offering right cost, right solution to meet your business needs. If you are looking to find a Strategic Software Partner then we’d love to hear from you.


At Yoong, we not only provide technology solutions, but also are your companions on the road to success. Each employee is trained to become a full-stack developer. – A person can create products from A to Z. They cover the work of the developer, tester, maintenance, coder, business developer.

Yoong Solutions is founded in Ho Chi Minh City – a young and passionate city, every Yoong-er is working everyday to become top person in the area.

Yoong gives you tools to make your dreams come true. Yoong provides an environment for youngsters to reinforce their dream. Althought many people say that programmers don’t have business, communication skills, join us and you will achieve anything you want!


Our organization has 6+ years of experience in exploring what’s possible. Our approach to innovation is why some of the largest companies have chosen to partner with us long term. We challenge old ways of doing things and help others embrace new technology through innovative design – with a relentless focus on best user experience.

Working with us is a creative joint venture. We rely heavily on collaboration and teamwork across borders to bring ideas to life. We are always in it together, whether you are a client, partner, or colleague. Everyone plays a significant role, because everyone can make a difference.

Do you want to know more about us and what we can contribute with?